Quality care tailored to you

The NHIC offers several proactive and preventive services dedicated to promoting women's health. From routine check-ups to specific, personalized programs, we address each of our female patients with the attention and understanding they deserve to help them live their lives to their full potential. 

Yearly Physicals

Did you know you can get your annual physicals done at the NHIC? Dr. Auburn, Linda, and Carly all provide gynecological exams including breast exams, pelvic exams, pap smears, and urinalysis. These routine screenings are vital in preventive medicine and staying on top of your health. You can schedule a physical any time! 


The NHIC also offers thermograms as a safe, radiation-free, compression-free alternative to mammograms. Early detection is the key to preventing breast cancer. Visit our Thermography page to learn more about how thermograms can detect abnormal cell division much earlier than mammograms and breast exams. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Perhaps one of the most common and important services offered at the NHIC is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT. No matter your age, hormonal balance is key to optimal health and energy. All three of our providers are well-versed in BHRT and work with our female (and male!) patients to help them achieve the best hormone levels for them. At our office, we have seen BHRT improve, if not eliminate, a myriad of symptoms including:


Hot Flashes
Mood Swings/PMS
Low Libido
Hair Loss
Night Sweats
Tender Breasts
Decreased Muscle Mass
Excessive Facial/Body Hair
Vaginal Dryness
Water Retention
Foggy Thinking
Loss of Scalp Hair
Memory Lapses

Increased Acne
Aches and Pains
Oily Skin
Fibrocystic Breasts
Memory Lapses
Sugar Craving
Uterine Fibroids

Weight Gain in Waist
Sleep Disturbances
Bleeding Changes
Heart Palpitations
Ligament Laxity
Joint Pain
Water Retention
Muscle & Joint Pain
Bone Loss


As every woman will learn (if she hasn't already), menopause at any stage can be quite the experience. You'll notice that all of the symptoms associated with perimenopuase and menopause are included in the symptoms that can be alleviated through BHRT. Are you hot flashing like crazy? Maybe you need to adjust your estrogen levels. Are you having difficulty falling or staying asleep? You might be deficient in Progesterone. Are you feeling exceptionally irritable? Your testosterone or DHEA might be higher than is ideal for you. That's right, women have testosterone and DHEA the same as men have estrogen and progesterone! Our providers are more than capable of working with you to find the proper levels of all of these hormones to help you feel the best you can.

What it means to have hormonal balance varies greatly from person to person and our providers are dedicated to finding the optimal balance for YOU. Based on your individual symptoms, Dr. Auburn, Linda, or Carly will develop a personalized BHRT program to optimize and balance your hormones. Doing so allows for a more graceful aging process with less loss in muscle and bone mass. Visit our Hormone Replacement page for more information on BHRT and its benefits.