How do I become a patient?

Call our office at (616) 301-0808 and click here to see our new patient intake paperwork. 


What insurances do you accept?

Our office does not accept insurance. The Natural Health Improvement Center has made the decision to officially opt-out as a Medicare provider beginning January 2017. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare cannot be billed for services rendered. You will be asked to sign a contract stating you will not attempt to bill any insurance for the fees accrued.

Our practitioners want to work only for our PATIENT.  Accepting insurance requires the practitioners figure out what will be accepted by a patient’s insurance and stay within the insurance provider's requirements.  This inadvertently leaves the doctor working for your insurance company and not YOU.

Each patient will receive a detailed encounter form, complete with diagnostic codes at each check out. Non-medicare patients can submit to their respective insurance companies for reimbursement.  Many family practice services, office visits, osteopathic adjustments, and lab services will be covered by your insurance but we do not bill these for you.  It is up to you to seek reimbursement for your services. Many labs that we partner with will bill your insurance for you, but not all. 

We pride ourselves on detailed and caring programs for patients and unfortunately, some of the simple and natural things that will get you well are not always covered by insurance companies.


What are my payment options?

We accept: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, CareCredit, cash or check. Payment is due at the time of service.

The CareCredit financing option is a great way to spread out your payments with no interest. We offer a one month financing option for purchases under $200 and a six month financing option for purchases over $200. If your balance is paid in-full within the promotional period, no interest is charged. Please visit to apply and see all restrictions. You can also apply in our office with the help of a staff member. (Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.)


Can I keep my current doctor and still see a practitioner at the NHIC?

Absolutely! If you are happy with your current primary care practitioner but wish to benefit from specialty services such as Bio-Identical Hormone Repalcement Therapy, Thermographic Breast Imaging, Natural Pain Management services, or IV Nutrition, then we are probably a great fit for your needs.


Do you take new Primary Care patients?

We are always taking new patients.

Acceptance of primary care patients for Dr. Auburn is taken on a case by case basis. Our physician assistants often see patients for all primary care needs as Dr. Auburn must have time in her schedule to provide osteopathic manipulation, prolotherapy and PRP and needs to be available for her specialty appointments. Patients who have insurance concerns are recommended to maintain their relationship with their current primary care physician if that relationship is working for them.  That way they can use their insurance for their family practice care and see our doctors for their specialties.


How much will a New Patient Office Visit Cost?

An initial, new patient office visit will run between $155 - $195 depending on the length of time needed and the complexity of the case.  Follow up visits can range from $100- $200.

Office visits are billed according to time, complexity and the number of issues addressed in a visit.

Prices do change and the figures given above are simply a range and not a guaranteed stated price.

You can submit your encounter form to your insurance company and depending on your individual plan, you may be reimbursed for some or all of your charges. 


What kind of Doctors do you have?

Dr. Ann Auburn is a D.O.  (doctor of osteopathy) and also an expert in pain, women’s health, hormone replacement, and heavy metal detox with chelation. She has also been performing prolotherapy for 18 years. 

Linda Huizenga, PA-C, Kristen Taylor, PA-C, and Carly Peterson, PA-C can provide all family practice services, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss Programs, and are well-versed in natural medicine and knowledgeable in supplements verses medications.

Dr. Greg Flynn has 20+ years experience in Acupuncture, Acupressure, NAET (Natural Allergy Elimination Technique), and has huge success in dealing with patient’s pain and allergy issues. He also offers a very successful approach for smoking cessation.