Recommended Nutritional Program

  1. UltraClear PLUS, a medical food that supports Phase II detoxification due to genetics, poor diet, toxic exposure and/or stress. You will need two canisters to complete the 28 day program. Follow the BASIC DIETARY GUIDELINES for the UltraClear PLUS detoxification on the “DETOXIFICATION” handout.

Detoxification is an energy-requiring process that puts a metabolic burden on the body. Therefore, we recommend a focused, high impact, low allergy potential source of micro and macronutrients. Hence, the detox products from the Metagenics company. These products provide the platform to minimize exposure to toxins, but also to provide targeted nutrition with the full spectrum of support for Phase II liver detox co-factors, as well as support for energy production and excretion of toxins while promoting optimal health to last a lifetime!

Purchase the detox that is right for you and see our Detoxification handout for all of the information you need to start your program today.

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