Ann Auburn, D.O.


Dr. Auburn completed her residency in Family Practice at E.W. Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan in 1995, going on to complete a second residency in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) at MSU, then staying on faculty for 3 years as an Assistant Professor at the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Auburn currently maintains her Adjunct Clinical Faculty position through MSUCOM, teaching students and residents in her office. She maintains board certification in both Integrative and Holistic Medicine and OMM.  Dr. Auburn has enjoyed two tenures as the President of the Kent County Osteopathic Association as well as an appointment as a Professional Member on the Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery and served as the Chairman of that board from 2007 to 2008.

She is also proficient in osteopathic manipulation, including craniosacral manipulation, as well as many injection techniques, including Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), which she has been utilizing in practice for over 16 years.

Dr. Auburn spent more than 8 years independently training in various areas of natural and complementary health care with many physicians and mentors from all over the United States, fueled by her passion to find the best techniques to harness health and wellness in her patients. Using the body's innate ability to heal, along with diet, nutritional supplements, detoxification, movement and a positive, hopeful attitude, her purpose is to truly restore health with a holistic approach to each individual's maximum potential. 

This is the basis of the Natural Health Improvement Center. The NHIC is a welcoming place of healing and new beginnings, where practitioners take the time to listen, look for the root causes of your issues, prepare programs and guide you through your journey to health improvement. 

Dr. Auburn's goal is to continue to innovate and bring to patients the best options, integrating traditional and holistic medicine techniques and practices, helping them on their path to healing, as naturally as possible.



Gregory Flynn OMD, L.Ac.


Dr. Flynn graduated from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, California and was on the Dean’s List with honors. He also did his graduate studies for his doctorate at SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles and has been practicing for over 20 years.

He was featured on a TV show in Florida for Ideal Health customized nutritional supplements and has also done some radio shows in Battle Creek, talking about Acupuncture in relation to pain elimination and healthy living. Dr. Flynn teaches techniques that can be used at home to enhance and speed up healing and well-being.

Dr. Flynn treats patients of all ages and uses many techniques including muscle response testing, allergy elimination technique, touch for health, nutritional counseling and is licensed to practice: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Qi Gong (inner energy training), and has extensive training in parasitology and allergies.



Linda Huizenga


Linda Huizenga has been an integral part of our practice since 2009. As a Physician Assistant, she is particularly well versed in hormones and is our coordinator for First Line Therapy, a lifestyle change program. Some of Linda’s specialties are Women’s & Men’s Health, Hormone Implant Procedures, General Medicine, Allergies and much more. When you see Linda, you will find that her years of experience have given her a wealth of knowledge and caring manner. 



Carly Peterson


Carly graduated with her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Wayne State University in 2013 and went on to practice traditional medicine in the urgent/emergency medicine setting. Alternative and holistic medicine has been a personal passion of hers. She is over-joyed to now be able to practice this unique approach to medicine. Carly’s journey through natural health improvement will focus on the importance of diet and nutrition for overall health and well-being. Carly is so looking forward to sharing her fresh knowledge with her growing patient population.



Kristen Taylor PA-C


Kristen Taylor, PA-C graduated with her Bachelor's from Grand Valley State University and continued on to graduate from the University of Toledo with her Master's in Physician Assistant Studies in 2014. She began practicing in a substance abuse facility in Michigan and it was here that she started to pursue alternatives to conventional medicine. In the substance abuse setting, she worked with many patients who had difficulties with traditional medications and she became inspired to use alternative and holistic medicine to improve the life of her patients. She is very enthusiastic about joining our growing practice and developing her new patient base. 



Office Manager

Kristin is the Office Manager at the Natural Health Improvement Center. Kristin is here to help the doctor make executive decisions while she is busy treating patients. She handles the financial department and all communications for the doctor. Kristin runs the doctor’s calendar, prepares for events, and manages the day-to-day handling and long-term planning to ensure a thriving and smooth running practice.



Assistant Office Manager

Sara is our Assistant Office Manager.  Sara serves as the Personnel Director and manages marketing for the office. She makes sure the practice is being promoted and any patient concerns are handled correctly in order to keep the practice growing and running efficiently. She is also here to assist the office manager with long-term planning and day-to-day management. 



Medical Director



Heather is our Medical Director and has been with us for over five years. In addition to working in the Medical Records Department, she oversees the training of our medical staff and the delivery of medical services. When you call our office and request the Medical Records Department, you may find Heather handling your concerns. She works closely with patients and the physicians to make sure you are provided the best possible care.



Director Of Patient Services


Katie is our Director of Patient Services. She oversees the medical assisting aspect of our practice. Katie additionally works in the Medical Records Department handling charts and referrals. When you call our office with medical questions or concerns, you will often reach Katie. It is her job to serve as an extension of the physicians and provide a direct line of communication from patient to doctor. 



Brittany D.
Administrative Assistant


Brittany D. is one of our Front Office Assistants.  She will help to greet you, get you checked in and take care of your check out and the physician’s orders when you leave.  Brittany may also help to answer your calls and make sure you are connected with the best person to handle your concerns.



Brittany I.
Medical Assistant, Thermography Director


Brittany I. is our Thermography Director. When Brittany I. isn’t busy performing and overseeing all of our Thermography services, you may see her helping the Floor MA by rooming patients, assisting the physicians and providing nurse procedures and injections.



Supplement Director


Angie is our Supplement Director. It is her job to see that the Supplement Department runs smoothly and that all patient concerns regarding supplements are handled. Angie will also be the one to greet you and get you signed in or checked out when you visit our Supplement/IV Suite.  Need to order supplements or check on an order? Call and ask for Angie!



Brittany K.
Administrative Assistant


Brittany K. is one of our Front Office Assistants.  She will help to greet you, get you checked in and take care of your check out and the physician’s orders when you leave.  Brittany may also help to answer your calls and make sure you are connected with the best person to handle your concerns.

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Medical Transcriptionist


Connie is our Medical Transcriptionist and also serves as Dr. Auburn’s Executive Assistant. Her job is to join Dr. Auburn during patient visits to record patient history and progress notes. Connie also helps to provide research and work on side projects for the doctor, allowing her to focus on patient care.

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Administrative Assistant


Cassidy is one of our Front Office Assistants.  She will help to greet you, get you checked in and take care of your check out and the physician’s orders when you leave.  Cassidy may also help to answer your calls and make sure you are connected with the best person to handle your concerns.


Autumn         Medical Assistant

Autumn is one of Dr. Auburn's Medical Assistants. Autumn is often working on the floor with patients in the office for an appointment. You may see her drawing blood, taking your vitals, or returning your phone calls regarding lab work and lab orders.



Julie               Medical Records Assistant

Julie works in the medical records department handling charts, referrals, and lab results. She also provides a direct line of communication between patient and physician.


Raelynn         Medical Records Assistant

Raelynn also works in the records room department. She receives incoming calls and lab work, making sure every patient concern is handled thoroughly and with care.