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We believe one of the best tools we can provide for success is to let stories like these serve as motivation and inspiration. This page is dedicated to true testimonials from real patients who are living better lives through better health.



I was stricken with fibromyalgia 24 years ago. I use the word stricken because it hit so hard and so fast that life as I knew it would never be the same. I hurt from head to toe, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week for 24 years until I heard about the Natural Health Improvement Center and met Carly Peterson, PA. Once again my life has been changed. Carly is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and very passionate about helping her patients. She gave me the strength and confidence to go forward with my UBI Treatments. After the recommended 6 UBI treatments and the personalized supplement regiment, I am now 95% pain free. Everyone can tell the difference because the sparkle is back in my eyes, the spring is back in my step and I can’t stop smiling.
— MP


In the summer of 1997, I underwent surgery on my left humerus where a steel rod, 12 screws and coral was put in place of my bone where a tumor had eaten three-fourths of it away. For 17 years I have had many x rays, scans, specialist appointments, oc. rehab, and physical rehab in attempt to figure out how to overcome the constant pain and lack of use on the arm. After telling my story to a number of people in various careers and medical background, it was recommended to try acupuncture! As anyone would do, I did my due diligence and researched successful stories of a few physicians in West Michigan, which led me to Dr. Greg Flynn. Knowing that this type of medical treatment was not covered by insurance I was hesitant but decided to try anyways. After my first visit/consult I was very impressed with the information provided by Dr. Flynn I scheduled 2 more treatments that cleared approximately 95% of my pain and mobility issues. Words cannot describe my level of satisfaction with the overall service, patient care and cure of my initial complain. THANK YOU to all the staff and Dr. Flynn for your kind and accurate treatment.
— BM
Made by t.g., age 5

Made by t.g., age 5


I had my first stint in 2005 and a second one in 2007. In 2008, I heard about chelation and started 20 treatments. The tests I had done prior to starting chelation showed I had more blockages. After the 20 treatments the tests showed the blockages were gone. In fact, my family physician had tried for years to get my cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL and blood pressure in the normal range with no success with traditional medications. After chelation, all the above numbers were in the normal range. I wintered that year in Texas and there were no chelation doctors in the area and I did not continue the treatments. Because of my two stints, it is required to have a stress test within a certain time period. I had this done in May 2011 and the stress test showed abnormalities with my heart. The cardiologist wanted to put me on a beta blocker and I said “no” that I was going to start chelation again as I know this works. I had chelation treatments during the summer of 2011 at Dr. Auburn’s office. That winter I went to Arizona where there are several chelation doctors in the area so I could continue with maintenance treatments. In May of 2012, I had to repeat the stress test and this now showed no abnormalities!
— SJ
I have to say that since Dr. Auburn put me on hormone replacement therapy, I feel great! My husband and I walk at the mall most weekends for exercise. The last time we walked he noticed that I was walking much faster than usual. My steps were peppy and my strides were longer. Mainly because, my hip joints have loosened up. I wasn’t expecting any relief of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I thought the HRT cream would just improve my mood. The added benefit of my loosened joints is great! Plus I was able to reduce my Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine, my mood has greatly improved as well! Winter is usually very depressing for me because I teach and I’m inside all day and its dark in the morning and at night when I get out of work! So the HRT along with the Vitamin D, were a great benefit in lifting my mood. I highly recommend the use of the HRT cream. It has been very successful for me.
— SW


I am a 67 year old male. When I was 25 (in 1973) I badly injured my left knee. I tore ligaments and chipped bone fragments from my knee cap. I had it operated on and was in the hospital 5 days and wore a cast for at least 6 weeks.

In 1999 I hit my left knee cap with a tennis racket and again chipped bone off my knee cap. I again had surgery to remove bone chips. My surgeon told me I would need total knee replacement by my mid 60s. I saw Dr Auburn for prolo therapy on that knee for two visits in 2005 and two visits in 2006. I noticed that for the first time since prior to my accident in 1973 I could see the outline of my knee cap instead of just a rounded shape covering my knee. My knee felt stronger but still felt noticeably abnormal compared to my right knee.

In December, 2008 my knee hurt so bad that I was on crutches. A MRI showed moderate to severe osteoarthritis with no cartilage under my knee cap. I visited the surgeon who did the 1999 operation and he said he would inject gel in my knee which would last up to six months. He would again inject gel and each time it would not last as long as the previous time. He would soon do knee replacement. I had one injection of gel during that visit and this only resulted in more pain. After two weeks I hobbled into Dr Auburn’s office on my crutches. I had a total of four visits for prolo therapy in December, January, and February. During this time my knee felt much better and I could again walk without crutches. During my fourth visit Dr Auburn’s PA, Linda Huizenga, suggested I try a product called Bionicare which is a device which I wrapped around my knee when I went to bed every night for six months. This device put a direct electrical current into my knee. I was told by the sales rep that it would make cartilage grow. It was very comfortable to sleep with. Since ending my six months of treatment with Bionicare I have had two visits for PRP in 2011, four visits in 2013 (after slipping on my deck and injuring my left knee again, not seriously but it was swollen on the left side). Since 2013 my left knee has been feeling like I had never injured it at all. I am an active person and love to cut firewood in my woods, walk, swim, run around and play rough house with my young granddaughters. I take walks when the weather is nice. My wife and I were in Florida for two weeks in January, 2015. One day I took a fifteen mile walk (four and one half hours). During the entire walk my left knee felt like it had never been injured. When I got back to the condo the bottom of my feet hurt because my socks had worn very thin and caused friction between my feet and my shoes, and I was a little bit sore here and there but my left knee was fine. My knee never calls itself to my attention no matter what position I am in sitting or lying down or rough housing with my granddaughters. It feels like a totally normal knee. I had a PRP visit in March, 2015 just to maintain it and I intend to get a PRP maybe every year or two just for maintenance.

In my opinion the combination of prolo therapy, PRP, and the six months of wearing the Bionicare device in bed every night was certainly a much less intrusive and dangerous treatment than total knee replacement would have been and the end result for me was a knee which feels and performs like a totally normal (never injured) knee.

I have found Dr Auburn to be totally professional, competent, and a very pleasant physician.
— JB
My name is M. Miller and I am 72 years old. I have acute osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The osteoarthritis has affected my knees to the extent that walking and climbing stairs was becoming very difficult. I had tried a series of shots and ointments with little relief. It was though my physical therapist, Scott Benjamin that I met Dr. Ann Auburn. We talked and she went over my reports and asked if I would be open to trying PRP with Ozone therapy. Not wanting to have surgery I thought, ‘why not go for it?’, so I did—what a difference! I now can do stairs with NO PAIN. I will admit the knees were sore after the shots for a few days, but I would do it again. I am very happy with my results.
— MM