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How is it possible to reverse damage and regenerate Your own cells?

Though the research continues, stem cell therapies have firmly established their place in modern regenerative medicine because of their miraculous effects on both damaged, and healthy adult cells. We are continually dedicated to providing what we believe to be the safest and most natural therapies available which is why we are introducing Rejuv; a stem cell therapy serum which can be used to promote healing and the regeneration of ligaments, tendons, and damaged tissue. For many patients, this could mean that in place of complicated surgeries and long recovery times, a simple, out-patient procedure taking less than ten minutes could render comparable (or even better!) results.


So, who is likely to be a good candidate for Rejuv Therapy?

Patients who have:

  • ligament or tendon sprains or tears

  • osteoarthritis

  • painful joints

  • popping, clicking, or overall joint instability

  • been given a surgery recommendation for joint replacement

  • post-injury chronic pain (even if the injury was several years ago)

  • reduced range of motion, or frequent joint stiffness


What makes stem cells unique?

1. They are capable of dividing (proliferating) for long periods of time. 

2. They are unspecialized and are not differentiated. In simple terms, this means they have not been "assigned" a specific form or function in the body yet and have the potential to differentiate into any type of cell. 

3. They can give rise to specialized cell types. For example, any given stem cell has the potential to become the type of cell that functions in our blood, or our bones; our muscles, or our brain. We call this process differentiation. 

4. Stem cells and the other components of Rejuv have chemoattractant qualities. This means that the cells are able to stimulate other cellular activity by means of a built-in "homing" mechanism. The recipient's own cells are signaled to move to the area of injury/injection and are drawn to where damage has been identified. This is what begins the cascade of healing and tissue repair. 


How It Works

Research indicates that when applied to a site of tissue damage or injury, the live cells in Rejuv help to harness the body’s own healing processes. Here are the four stages as explained by the researchers behind Rejuv. This shows how signaling molecules can initiate a regenerative response in the recipient of the stem cell solution.

1) Application. A localized injection of Rejuv is delivered at the site of injury.

2) Equilibrium. Newly introduced cells and signaling molecules establish a balance in the microenvironment.

3) Recruitment. Through a feedforward mechanism, signaling molecules recruit the body’s own stem cells to the site of injury and cause them to proliferate (multiply.)

4) Differentiation. The body’s stem cells allow key regenerative processes to take place – including the formation of matrix proteins and blood vessels – for a sustained healing effect.


Why choose Rejuv?

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1. Rejuv is sourced from umbilical cord blood, which is a non-invasive procedure for donors as compared to harvesting stems cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue. Donors participate voluntarily and are not paid, participants are providing a true donation. 

2. The process behind Rejuv begins with a healthy donor during live, healthy planned births. All UCB donations undergo extensive testing to rule out the presence of any virus, aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. Donations are strictly reviewed by a medical director before processing begins in a federally registered tissue bank. 

3. Rejuv is proven to evoke a powerful signaling effect. Many patients require only a single treatment of Rejuv.  

4. The Rejuv serum is developed to have a consistent composition.  Rejuv features an optimal cytokine profile to promote reliable patient outcomes.

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