Have You Been Recommended Restore™ for Gut Health?

You are invited to participate in a focus group discussion of the product, Restore™ and an area of growing research; probiotic supplements.

This discussion group will be facilitated by me, Corinna Kudwa, for my Master’s Project Research. I am currently a graduate student studying Clinical Dietetics at Grand Valley State University. The purpose of the intended focus group discussion is to learn more about the product Restore™ and its intended use. The aim of this research is to investigate what participants know about Restore™, why they take it and what benefits they have seen from its use. It is also to learn more about consumer knowledge and use of probiotic supplements for similar health concerns.

The focus group will include voluntary participants and myself, as the researcher. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences/thoughts about RESTORE, as well as any experience you may have had with probiotic supplements, in a casual environment and with complete confidentiality. As a participant in the focus group, your views and experiences are extremely valuable in helping the researcher understand consumer knowledge, experience and intention of dietary supplement use for specific health concerns and identify areas of need for further scientific research.

For those who wish to participate, in an effort to keep identifiable information secure, I would like you to choose a fictitious name for yourself to use throughout the discussion. The discussion will be recorded using Audacity, a recording software on a password protected laptop that will be stored in a locked office. The laptop recording is only for the purpose of remembering what was said during the discussion. It will only be opened during the data analysis period following the discussion and will be deleted once analyzed.

The focus group will be held at The Natural Health Improvement Center in Grandville, MI. Light snacks/refreshments will be provided. To compensate for your time, all attendees will receive nutrition information on probiotics and health via and educational handout upon completion of the focus group. Although I hope you will join us, participation is completely voluntary. If you choose to join us, you are not required to participate for the full duration of the discussion and may choose to leave at any time.

I would like to schedule the focus group from 6:00pm-7:30pm on Thursday, November 9th. Please reply via email or call Corinna R. Kudwa at (989) 413-8031!

Thank you,
Corinna R. Kudwa
GVSU Dietetic Intern, Graduate Student