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Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa (sac filled with lubricating liquid between bones, muscles, tendons and skin).  It can affect: elbow, shoulder, knees, Achilles tendon, and is usually caused by sudden strain or injury or repetitive minor impact. It can also become chronic with age.

Tendonitis is also a repetitive stress injury which is an irritation of the tendon, a thick cord which attaches bone to muscle; commonly affecting, elbow, wrist, knees, ankles, thumb – really any tendon and is very debilitating as you have difficulty using that part of your body until it heals.

Recommended Nutritional Program

  • Phytomulti 1 twice a day for a multivitamin multimineral foundation
  • Protrypsin 2 three times per day. Comes in 60T-10 day supply and 120T-20 day supply bottles, the 120T bottle is suggested to continue after the Inflavinoid Intensive Care is gone.
  • Inflavinoid Intensive Care 3 three times per day. Comes in 90T bottle-10 day supply.
  • EPA-DHA Extra strength 1 three times per day (or 2 am and 1 pm), for 20 days, then 1 per day maintenance dose.

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