A Message to Our Patients...

Are You Really Getting Better Value from Cheaper, Over-The-Counter Supplements?

All supplements are not created equal. In fact, even when you purchase the "same" supplement from Amazon that was recommended to you here in the office, you are taking a risk. There are a few important reasons we only use certain supplement companies here at the Natural Health Improvement Center. Here is why we are so picky about what we provide to our patients!

1.    CHEAPER BRANDS OF THE “SAME THING”: A cheaper brand of a doctor-recommended supplement does not always give you the same ingredients or effectiveness. Often, bargain brand supplements have unnecessary additives and can contain allergy-causing ingredients, preservatives and food coloring. (Click here to read a Washington Post article addressing the recent supplement scandal involving GNC, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.)

2.    “I CAN GET THE “SAME THING” ONLINE”: There are often hidden consequences to buying the same products we recommend cheaper online. Maybe they have been sitting in a warehouse, shipped in hot trucks, outdated and re-labeled, or are about to expire. Some of the suppliers we trust have done private laboratory studies on bargain supplements in an effort to see what the public is actually getting. What they find is that these discounted supplements have lost their integrity and have most likely been tampered with or mishandled. Our practitioners have spent countless hours researching the companies that formulate our supplements and have even toured their facilities. You can feel confident that products purchased from your provider are effective and of the highest quality available.

•    Your physician is in the unique position to help monitor your program and progress, enabling you to discuss and revise when needed. 
•    Only supplements dispensed by your physician may be eligible for tax deductions. 
•    Your healthcare provider can assure the proper handling and storage of temperature sensitive products. 
•    Your healthcare provider stands behind products purchased. Usually, a third party will not.


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