More Zzzs Please!

Living in a state of anxiety is a common occurrence in today's fast-paced world. Uncertainty seems to pervade every aspect of our lives. Fears of losing our jobs (or not finding one), frayed personal relationships, tainted foods and medicines, terrorists, pirates, and a thousand other worries are heaped onto a life already moving at a hectic pace. And all of this is more present in our lives with television and the internet. This constant level of anxiety takes a toll, on both a physical and emotional level. For some, the fears become so overwhelming and out of control that they succumb to panic attacks and/or chronic insomnia. There are many herbal and natural remedies that can support relaxation and help us regain balance, peace of mind and restful sleep, alleviating or reducing the need for psychotropic drugs.


1.    Get regular exercise
2.   Develop a sleeping ritual, aiming for improved relaxation, low lighting and low mental stimulation, with as much resolution of emotional dilemmas as possible before bedtime
3.   Reduce overall stress from sleep, work and family to improve sleep quality
4.   Improved sleep hygiene with the following:
-Minimize light, noise, temperature changes in bedroom
-Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex; avoid TV, computer, reading, or radio in the bedroom
-Avoid eating big meals and sweets before bed to avoid blood sugar drops and indigestion
-Limit stimulants, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol during the day, especially close to bedtime
-Avoid vigorous exercise during the 2 hours prior to sleep
-To avoid worrying about falling asleep on time, cover the alarm clock to avoid anxiety
-Surround yourself with positive thoughts, people and activities
-Consider the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness to help you control stress and anxiety
-Consider Yoga Nidra, a form of gradient relaxation to improve relaxation and sleep

NATURAL INTERVENTIONS available at the Natural Health Improvement Center:

  • Kavinace (GABA precursor): 1-2 at bedtime and up to a total of 6 caps per day, as needed.
  • Natural Z’s (combination herbal): 1-2 at bedtime and up to a total of 6 caps per day, as needed.
  • Nusera, chewable: 1 chewed, up to 6 daily, for acute stress or sleep, in 15 minutes reduces cortisol 40%.
  • Tran-Q Chinese herbal blend: 1-2 at bedtime. More can be taken up to 6 caps per day, as needed.
  • TranCor (GABA support): 1-2 at bedtime. More can be taken up to 6 caps per day, as needed.
  • Formula 303 homeopathic of valerian and passion flower: 1-2 at bedtime and up to a total of 6 tabs per day, as needed. These can be swallowed or placed under the tongue to work a bit faster.
  •  Valerian Root (Douglas Labs): 200 mg, 1-3 or Valerian Complex (Standard Process) – valerian 140 mg, plus passion flower and jujube - we special order this item due to higher pricing, 1-4 tabs, near bedtime. 
  •  Melatonin: 3 mg, 1-4 tablets ½ hour before bed. With more than 9 mg watch for grogginess next morning. 

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