Farewell from Carly Peterson, PA-C


Dear NHIC family,

It is with deep sorrow that I need to announce that I will be leaving the Natural Health Improvement Center. My last day will be Thursday, October 10. I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move my life across the country to the westward slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and practice integrative medicine in a very traditional community. This was no easy decision...

The Natural Health Improvement Center has seen me through immense personal and professional growth in the past five years that I have been a part of its magic. Dr. Auburn has been a brilliant, selfless and motivating mentor for me and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that she has allowed me. The lengths that she goes to provide the unique care that she does is empowering to say the least. To be able to work alongside her has been an honor.

To the staff, my girls: you are all such caring, bright and knowledgeable young women. You made every day that I spent at the NHIC a positive experience that I would always look forward to. You all have so much to offer to the natural health community and to this world. I will miss each one of you so very much.

Carly Peterson, PA-C

Carly Peterson, PA-C

Lastly, to my amazing patients: I will forever look back and smile on our visits, our talks, and the development of our relationships. I often thought that you taught me more than I taught you. Watching your transformations was incredible. I am confident that I am leaving you in the hands of some of the most brilliant providers to take my place in your journey of health.

Remember to love yourself, live clean, and treat yourself every now and then.

With Love and Appreciation,