Detox Day 2: Follow the Plan.


Detox Day 2! We really wanted to get this blog out early this morning, but it has been a very busy day for us here at the NHIC!  If you are following along with us on this journey, CONGRATULATIONS! We truly have the best patients, and we are feeling your support just as much as we hope you are feeling ours.

Show me  your shaker.jpg

Okay, so today should have been pretty simple, right? We just needed to create our meals from the same recommended foods list we followed yesterday, and add in one single-scoop serving of the UltraClear Renew and one AdvaClear, twice during the day between meals. It is okay to use a non-dairy substitute like unsweetened almond or coconut milk today, and on Day 9, but avoid the soy. Here at the office, we have all had our mid-morning and mid-afternoon shake. Reviews are (mostly) positive! Kristin, our Office Manager, said her Vanilla UltraClear drink "smelled like baby formula," but after she tried it, she gave it a 7/10. That's not too bad, eh?

If you find your UltraClear shake a little gritty, Dr. Auburn says it's okay to freeze a banana and use just a quarter of it blended into the drink. This will not work against your detox and if it helps you to stick with it, it is worth it!  Running your shake in a real blender and then transferring it to the shaker cup also helps the texture. One tip from the guidebook that we will definitely follow is to finish our shakes within 30 minutes of mixing. We've noticed that the longer it sits, the less palatable it becomes... 

Yesterday's blog detailed the foods we are going to avoid during all ten days of the detox. We stuck to it and were surprised to find that some of the staff had headaches or tiredness after cutting out dairy, sugar and wheat flour for only one day. We also found ourselves referencing our guidebooks often. When you are out and about, it can be hard to remember the rules. If you want to check your guidebook from your phone, here is a PDF version you can save or revisit at this page. If you notice anything good, bad, or otherwise during your detox, share it with us! Remember, we are here to help! Cheers to Day 3, we'll talk to you then!