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Why does Dr. Auburn want you to take your omega-3 fish oils? Here's another reason,...Omega-3's reduce cancer growth and spread! See referenced study below. Just make sure you have VERY CLEAN fish oils. Not the ones from the supermarket or local pharmacy! I can't stress this enough! At the NHIC, we have three options for you: Metagenics High Dose Liquid EPA-DHA, our NHIC Enteric Coated Fish Oils or Orthomolecular's OrthoMega, high-dose gelcaps.
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Study Shows How Omega-3 Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth

Referenced from Life Extension 

It is well known by the science community that omega-3s are a powerful anti-inflammatory and even have an anti-diabetic affect. Now, a group of researchers have been able to demonstrate how omega 3s can slow and reduce cancer growth in prostate cells. 

"We're the first to show that they work this way in cancer," said Kathryn Meier, a professor of pharmacy at WSU Spokane. "The attention has mostly been on inflammation and diabetes but there has always been an interest in cancer, and we were the first to show this mechanism in any cancer cell at all. And we're using prostate cancer, which is the most controversial subject in omega 3s.

Working with prostate cell cultures, Meier and two students, found fatty acids would bind to a receptor called FFA4, for "free fatty acid receptor 4." Rather than stimulating cancer cells, the receptor acts as a signal to inhibit growth factors, suppressing proliferation of the cancer cells. These findings counter a widely publicized study that appeared in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2013 which concluded that men who had higher serum omega-3 fatty acid levels had a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. 

"This kind of knowledge could lead us to better treat or prevent cancer because now we know how it works," Meier said. The study also found that a drug mimicking the action of omega 3s can work as well, or better, than fatty acids in suppressing the cancer cells.

The study appears in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.


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