Hormone Replacement Therapy

 “Two hundred and fifty years ago you were supposed to be dead at forty-three” (Dr. Reiss)

  • None of the media news articles about HRT and adverse effects (breast cancer, strokes, etc.) are referring to Bioidentical Hormones. Instead, they apply to synthetic drug hormones.

  • 90% of postmenopausal women who develop breast cancer have never taken any kind of HRT.
  • Estrogen levels achieved with bioidentical HRT are lower than levels seen in ovulating women
  • The leading cause of death for postmenopausal women is heart disease, not breast cancer.
  • Pneumonia and influenza actually outrank breast cancer as leading causes of death!
  • 46,000 women die each year from breast cancer. 400,000 women die of heart disease.
  • 1.5 million women will suffer complications of osteoporosis; several hundred thousand will die from it.
  • Women on estrogen therapy live longer with a lower incidence of cancers.
  • Estrogen replacement can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60% and dramatically decrease the risk of osteoporosis.

POINT: We need to assess the risk versus the benefits of therapy for each individual.

What is “natural” hormone replacement and why consider it an option for you?

Natural hormones are biologically identical to the hormones your body makes. Meaning, the chemical structures of the hormones are identical to those synthesized in the ovaries and other areas of the body. The body sees Prempro and Premarin and considers them foreign substances, but it recognized bioidentical hormones as familiar and responds to them in natural ways.

Dosages are customized to each patient. One size does not fit all. Each patient is put on a dose specifically chosen according to her hormone levels, symptoms, genetic profile, stress level, and overall health assessment.

Since the product is compounded at special pharmacies, any dose of any hormone can be added, subtracted, and adjusted as appropriate. This is individualized hormone replacement therapy, which takes into account the fact that all women and men are not the same.

There are multiple modalities of administering natural hormones: creams, gels, sublingual drops, injections, capsules, and implants.

All of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy – mood, sex drive, heart health, brain function, bone density, and cancer protection – apply to natural hormone replacement without clinical evidence of the well-documented side effects of the chemicalized, horse urine conjugated estrogens contained in conventional HRT.

What is the difference between “bioidentical” and chemical/synthetic hormones? Premarin/Prempro

  1. Mix of horse urine-based chemicalized synthetic estrogens (equilin, equilinin, etc.) plus additives and coatings, which are also synthetic.
  2. Can remain in the body for as long as 13 weeks.
  3. Potency of synthetic estrogen is about 200 times that of natural estrogen.
  4. Contains higher percentage of more aggressive types of estrogen.
  5. One-size-fits-all dosing.

There are many signs and symptoms which women experience that can be relieved through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  These include:


Hot Flashes
Mood Swings/PMS
Low Libido
Hair Loss
Night Sweats
Tender Breasts
Decreased Muscle Mass
Sleep Disturbances
Bleeding Changes
Muscle & Joint Pain

Excessive Facial/Body Hair
Vaginal Dryness
Water Retention
Loss of Scalp Hair
Memory Lapses
Ligament Laxity
Aches and Pains
Water Retention
Heart Palpitations
Increased Acne

Oily Skin
Bone Loss
Foggy Thinking
Fibrocystic Breasts

Memory Lapses
Sugar Craving
Uterine Fibroids
Weight Gain in Waist
Joint Pain


Depending on your set of symptoms a program can be determined to put your body back in balance.

At the Natural Health Improvement Center we have many years of experience in balancing a woman’s hormones,naturally!   And men’s too!

Women are great at enduring and tend to have higher pain thresholds than men but that doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to the idea that you must simply put up with the trials and tribulations of aging and menopause.

Living a long and functional life is what we are striving for at our practice.

Women and men lose muscle mass as they age due to dropping hormone levels, bone loss occurs.   You don’t have to suffer.

Ask about our Hormone Questionnaire when you contact us.  Let’s get started!