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Asthma is diagnosed when one experiences episodes of airway obstruction that is partially reversible.  This can cause shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. An asthmatic episode feels somewhat like breathing through a straw while running up stairs or taking a deep breath on a very cold day, holding it in and then trying to take another breath.  Breathing is difficult and can be painful. There may be a cough and/or a wheezing or whistling sound with breathing.

The real culprit of asthma is inflammation

What triggers the inflammation?

  1. Common airborne allergens:  dust, mold, pollen, animal dander, some foods.
  2. Pollutants in the home, cleaning products, perfumes, scented air fresheners, candles and the like.
  3. Recurrent infections
  4. Acid reflux
  5. Food allergies and sensitivities
  6. Outdoor fumes, air pollution, scents, smoke and changes in weather (temp, humidity)
  7. Many medication can also be a problem.  For instance, if you need blood pressure medication and you are an asthmatic, you should avoid beta-blockers.

Recommended Nutritional Program

  • Phytomulti 1 twice a day for a multivitamin multimineral foundation
  • Nazanol 1-2 two to three times per day
  • OmegaGenics EPA DHA 720 1 twice per day
  • Ultraflora Balance 1 daily
  • UltraInflamX Plus 360 2 scoops, 1-2 times per day


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