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Natural Remedies for Managing Pain

When you have pain, the paramount thought is to get rid of that pain.  Many people reach for over- the-counter medications to make the pain stop.  What many do not realize is that the pain does not stop with these medications.  The individual is simply drugged into not being able to feel the pain signals, but the pain remains.  What alternatives does an individual in pain have?

Here is a simple and workable program to support bone, ligament, muscle and bring down inflammation.

Recommended Nutritional Program

  • Phytomulti 1 twice a day for a multivitamin multimineral foundation
  • Collagenics 2 twice per day (helps repair bone, ligament, tendon, connective tissues), stay on for 3 months for more complete healing
  • Protrypsin 2 three times per day. Comes in 60T-10 day supply and 120T-20 day supply bottles, the 120T bottle is suggested to continue after the Inflavinoid Intensive Care is gone.
  • Inflavinoid Intensive Care 3 three times per day. Comes in 90T bottle-10 day supply
  • EPA-DHA Extra strength 1 three times per day (or 2 am and 1 pm), for 20 days, then 1 per day maintenance dose.

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